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Woman’s Day is Australia’s number one weekly magazine. It is the absolute authority on Australian and international celebrities. From cover to cover, we take readers inside the stars’ lives – the good, the bad and the ugly. We show readers all the latest star trends, from fashion and beauty to homes and travel. Woman’s Day is also much loved for its relevant and real lifestyle pages that include great everyday recipes for friends and family as well as expert advice on health, fashion, beauty, homes and pets.

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Erin Holohan

For over 70 years, Woman’s Day has been a staple in the homes of women around the country, providing the perfect mix of royals, celebrity gossip, food, fashion and lifestyle. With something for everyone, it’s become part of a very special weekly ritual for so many Aussies, passed on and shared between mothers, grandmothers, daughters, neighbours and friends. With stories to inspire, entertain and inform, it’s perfect paired with a cup of tea and a biscuit for that much-needed ‘me’ time we all crave.

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*Print & Cross Platform - Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, June 2021
*Digital - Source: Roy Morgan Audiences, August 2021 People 2+
*Social Connections - Source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, August 2021

Backyard Travels

Our readers love to travel and especially in their own beautiful big backyard, Australia! From beach holidays, trekking in national parks or touring the Great Ocean Road; they trust our travel experts are giving them latest and best advice

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Enduring Success

Making the Australian Women’s Day

As women are increasingly feeling pressure around time, family and home, Woman’s Day maintains it’s role in making her feel relaxed, reconnected and informed.
There is no one size fits all response for the enduring success of Woman’s Day, no matter who she is, or what her passions and interests are – we make her day.

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Our readers spend 1 hour and 17 minutes with Woman’s Day every week – Uninterrupted, with no emails, no FB alerts, and no need to like or comment. Woman’s Day offers advertisers a level of engagement that ensures she sees and takes note of your advertising messages. 77% of our readers save our pages for future reference, while 70% have visited a website from our pages to ‘find out more.’

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Woman's Day can deliver higher cross-platform reach than the 2019 Married At First Sight record-breaking finale.
So in other words, you get all the eyes and talk under the one roof without the drama of life in MAFS


We asked our ad partners what would make their day, and many of them said “CASH”

So we sent out a very rewarding activation to their office!

With a little help from our friends…


To spread the word, we hit the streets of Adland in a kombi kart full of hot chocolate with the help from MAFS "cyclone" Cyrell Paule!

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