Hacking Fashion

Fashion is a key passion for women and Are Media has the hacks for advertisers wanting to connect with these audiences. From the styles that resonate with Australian women to the diversity of fashion, Are Media knows how women shop the category and can turn browsers into buyers.

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Fashion with expression

For every generation of Australian women, confidence in what she wears is a top priority, however, personal style and expression is what's valued most. When it comes to Millennials, experimentation and self-expression determine what they wear with this generation most likely to try several styles before making a purchase.

Functional fashion for confidence

Fashion is all about being self-confident and beautiful within herself as opposed to looking sexy or glam for others.

Fashion for satisfaction

Australian women love to shop for fashion. It’s the top product category for female shoppers however, it’s rarely an impulsive buy. Most women prefer a solo shop over an outing with friends or family with the majority of fashion purchase decisions pre-planned.

Inclusive Fashion

Fashion doesn’t have size or age boundaries. Australian women value diversity in fashion styles and believe looking good isn't exclusive to a specific life stage, dress size or style.

A little bit of self-consciousness

Fashion may be a highly anticipated purchase but the same cannot be said for lingerie and swimwear with many women worried about their body shape. The number one concern among Australian women is her tummy.

The variety

Closet space is a premium for Australian women who on average own 10 handbags and 23 pairs of shoes. And the variety doesn’t stop there with a mix of high-end and high street fashion filling up the racks. Ultimately, the clothes and brands she chooses are an expression of herself and she doesn’t feel limited by label or price point.

Fashion inspo

Australian women may see Hollywood A-listers and TV stars as representing the height of fashion but her own fashion choices are primarily inspired by magazines and in-store experiences.

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