Food has become more central to Australians’ lives than ever. Our standards and expectations have increased, not only are we looking for new taste sensations but we are also on a quest for fresh, authentic food experiences to share.

I’m Francesca and I’m a 48-year-old self-confessed foodie.

Surprise, surprise: I love to cook and I enjoy food from all over the world. Italian, Mexican, Thai, Malaysian, there are too many cuisines and not enough time in the world to eat them all.

I like to have plenty in the pantry

I don’t like to brag but people often compliment me on my cooking which is handy because we regularly entertain, sometimes without much warning. When friends and family pop in, I like to have plenty in the pantry so I can whip something up. Thank heavens for the Food to Love network, my source for all things recipe related.

I actually enjoy grocery shopping

Unlike my husband, I actually enjoy grocery shopping. If I see a new type of food, I will try it. I’m always up for trying out new and different products. You only live once.

I love to eat but I also like to look good so I tend to opt for healthy snacks and additive free food. And I make sure to nip to the gym to make up for all those nights out at restaurants.

I like to travel

Of course, I suppose there’s more to life than food. I like to travel and fancy the odd weekend away which turns out to be pretty great for finding new places to eat.

You'll find me in the garden

I’m a bit partial to shopping for new clothes but when I’m at home, if I’m not in the kitchen you’ll likely find me in the garden. My veggie patch is coming together nicely with thanks to tips from House and Garden magazine.

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