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With a multi-platform footprint of five million every month, New Idea’s power to entertain and connect with an influential community of Australian women is stronger than ever. Women turn to the New Idea network for entertainment and inspiration. We've successfully turned our weekly interaction into an always-on conversation.

For more than 90 years, New Idea has surprised, delighted, uplifted and entertained Australian women of all ages – with an unrivalled mix of celebrity news, food, fashion, beauty, health, home, parenting and travel.

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Rebecca Hyde

New Idea is an entertaining and playful catch up with a good friend. It’s a one-stop read that mixes international and local celebrity with royal news, entertainment and real life stories while adding in all aspects of lifestyle features that readers love, from health and well-being to parenting and food. As the number one Australian authority on all things royal, New Idea also provides an insider’s view of current palace life as well as taking the occasional nostalgic trip back in time.
Readers choose New Idea to escape from their day to day and feel connected to the people and places that matter to them.

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