that's life!

that's life! holds a powerful place in the hearts and minds of Australian women.

that’s life! focuses on real, everyday lives, taking our audience through a gamut of emotions from laughter, to tears, to excitement, shock, hope and inspiration. With fashion, beauty, health, puzzles, competitions, pets, not to mention cooking, family and community, that’s life! reaches a loyal and growing audience of more than two million.

that's life! is a proven sales driver with a highly engaged and responsive audience who completely trust both the content and the advertising.

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Linda Smith

that's life! is a brand with a heart that holds a unique place in the lives of heartland Australian women. Our dedicated audience love that's life! and engage with it as a friend. They come to us to share, they tell us their stories, and they actively participate in the brand.

About the Audience

*Print & Cross Platform - Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, June 2021
*Digital - Source: Roy Morgan Audiences, August 2021 People 2+
*Social Connections - Source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, August 2021

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