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Unique Cars magazine and its digital-equivalent Trade Unique Cars are often described as ‘the Bible’ for classic car enthusiasts. As the leading national marketplace in print and digital for owners, drivers and collectors of special cars, Unique Cars covers everything from desirable daily drivers, through cheap classics, investor cars, historic racers and more. Basically, if it’s a future or current classic, Unique has it covered, along with articles and videos on workshop tips and repairs, reader restorations, value guides and buying advice. At Unique Cars, we’re truly passionate about the Classics.

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Guy Allen

Unique Cars is an icon in the Australian media landscape. If you have anything whatsoever to do with classic and collector cars, you’ll know all about the Unique Cars phenomenon. As a rusted-on car enthusiast, I reckon I have THE dream job!

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Unique Cars magazine unwraps Toranas and Monaros in two special editions as part of a three-part series that also marks the shut-down of Holden manufacture this October.

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