MOTOR is the fast-paced enfant terrible of Australian automotive media. Focusing exclusively on high-performance offerings from Ford to Ferrari, and with cracking content delivered via signature events such as Bang For Your Bucks, Hot Tuner and Performance Car of the Year, MOTOR delivers a heart-stopping, hair-raising blast into the world of prestige and performance machines. With straight-talking road tests, world-class photography and tyre-frying videography, MOTOR fearlessly covers every aspect of performance-car culture.

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Dylan Campbell

Car enthusiasts use MOTOR to connect with their passion – fast cars and driving. With a community of loyal followers, we influence purchasing decisions from cars to insurance to tyres because we are the most trusted enthusiast motoring media brand in Australia with more than 60 years’ heritage.

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Mustang Shootout

This month MOTOR hosted the world's first Ford Mustang Tuner Shootout as part of its pioneering Hot Tuner brand extension

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