Creating meal shortcuts with flavour

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The Challenge

Saxa wanted to encourage their value conscious consumers to trade up by considering more premium formats, showcasing the range, and being the brand that brings meal inspiration to their everyday lives. They turned to Are Media for their reputable tonality to re-enforce Saxa’s quality positioning.

The Customer

Are Media inspires 19.4 million meals every month with magazine brands more influential than cookbooks when it comes to decisions about what to cook.

Food is more central to Australians’ lives than ever before with standards and expectations increasing as consumers look for new taste sensations on their quest for fresh, authentic food experiences to share.

Connection Insight

With Aussie mums most likely to be the ones preparing meals,  the daily drudgery of cooking can get in the way of creating taste sensations. They needed meal shortcuts that wouldn’t compromise on taste.


No matter how reliable the recipe or how equipped the kitchen, seasoning is something that can change and enhance the taste of an entire meal.

The idea: Small things make a big difference

Are Media enriched awareness of Saxa through behavioural targeting of mums and food lovers across the To Love Network with education pieces about salt and short recipe content.

How it looked

Are Media created recipe inspiration for Saxa with a series of three bite-sized videos seeded across social media in addition to a myth-busting infographic that informed and educated consumers about salt and the best uses for different types.

A solus eDM to subscribers across the To Love Network coupled with social posts and digital display completed the campaign.


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