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Undoubtedly Australia’s biggest content creator for women, Are Media has a vast suite of services available for advertisers. Brands seeking premium content-led solutions can’t go past Are Media with bespoke creative production, studios specialising in food, photography and fashion, or syndicated content from the country’s most diverse archive.



The Are Media Food Studio

The Are Media Food Studio inspires more than 19.4 million meals every month. From the family feast to the gourmet foodie, Are Media’s team of experts develop more than 10,000 new recipes every year, catering to the needs of every cook and occasion. There are 12 onsite kitchens, three studios, four full time food editors, six home economists, stylists and photographers. In addition to producing content for Are Media’s food titles, brands turn to the Food Studio to create their  advertising content for its expertise, resources, and understanding of generations of food lovers.



Are Media is Australia’s leading multichannel publisher with more than 80 years of history. Over the years, the stable of iconic brands has amassed one of Australia’s most diverse image and journalism archives. See the Australian lifestyle through the eyes of the country’s top photographers and writers with a features database spanning food, homes, fashion, health, lifestyle, automotive, celebrity, travel and news. Advertisers turn to Are Media for syndicated content that creates attention and engagement for advertising campaign across earned, owned and paid media campaigns.


Are Media’s Creative Studio showcases dedicated creative solutions for advertisers across our platforms. From print to video, digital to social, the talented team of digital designers, art directors, copywriters and project managers create compelling, bespoke campaigns that deliver results. With access to the Are Media Food Studio and the Are Media editorial network of stylists, writers, photographers and videographers, there’s a world of opportunity for the Creative Studio to create custom content for our valued advertising partners.



The Are Media's Story 54 Photographic Studios bring together some of Australia’s finest photographers and videographers with experience in the categories that matter from food to fashion, interiors and lifestyle. The team of 12 photographers and three videographers have exclusive access to 12 fully stocked studios. Advertisers can shoot their campaigns with Are Media's Story 54 Photographic Studios bringing brands to life and turning audiences into customers.

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