Bonzai Social Display

Extend the reach of your Facebook or Instagram social posts to relevant website audiences and environments without the need to build new creative. By simply using your social post link as well as offering the ability to customise your CTA and add a click-through URL, Bonzai social displays allows you to amplify your image or video social posts, as a mobile MREC display ad, across our trusted websites.

Product Specifications

Social Channels:
Facebook, Instagram
Image, Carousel or Video Social Post (NB: Does not support Instagram Stories)
Post Type:
Organic (NB: Does not support Paid Partnership / Dark Posts)

Ad Specifications

Social Media URL:
Organic image, carousel or video post
Click-through URL:
URL to desired landing page
Copy for CTA Button e.g. More Info, Shop Now, etc (NB: Maximum two words)


  • All creative is to include a valid clickthrough that opens in a new tab or window
  • Social posts needs to be organic and does not support Instagram Stories or Sponsored/Dark Posts
  • Creative specifications can change at any time. Always refer to the Are Media Web Site prior to developing creative. For complete guidelines, please click here
  • Please refer to Are Media’s Ad Matrix to see where this ad unit can run


  • Creative must be delivered at least 5 working days prior to campaign go live date.
  • Playground XYZ creative preview URL to be supplied with click and impression trackers.
  • Failure to provide creative within these turn-around times may delay campaign start times.
  • All rich media ads are subject to testing.

For more support, contact your Are Media representative.