DIY Everything - The Rise of Arts and Crafts

New and younger generations are embracing arts and crafts in greater numbers than ever before. With an established expertise in fashion and homes, combined with a long history of inspiring and practical craft content, Are Media is uniquely qualified to meet this expanding passion for craft.

Bought craft or hobby items in the last four weeks
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Sewing Versus Scrolling

Women are looking for new ways to relax and are especially interested in activities involving time away from phone, television and computer screens. Seven in 10 women who participate in arts and craft activities do it simply as a way to relax and unwind.

Scrolling leads to sewing

With the abundance of ‘how-to’ videos and craft imagery on social media, half of all women turn to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for arts and craft Inspiration.

It’s hip, it’s retro

Two in five women identify cross-stitching, crocheting and knitting as their choice of craft. Knitting – the hipster hobby – is a rising trend among Millennials. More than simply socially acceptable, today, it’s downright trendy.

I did it my way

Women like to express themselves through arts and crafts creating and tailoring home interiors and clothing, often choosing to personalise generic or mass-produced items to make them more authentic.

The Art of Love

When tight budgets meet the pressures of gift giving, women turn to personalised handmade gifts. Crafting something for a loved one has become a more meaningful gesture than simply buying off the shelf.

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