Big Spenders

Big spenders tend to cluster around 2 segments.

1.Socially Aware: they thrive on learning and seeing new things. They’re attracted to things which are new and innovative – so often the first to take up new products and services.

2.Visible Achievement: those who are success stories and have made it in their field. They are individualistic and care about creating a quality environment for their family.

Source: Roy Morgan

I’m Roxy and I’m a real big spender. I’m 45 years young and I’ve got a big life to go with my big spending.

Success is important to me and to get there, it helps that I’m a leader and a risk-taker. There are never enough hours in the day for all that I want to accomplish from shopping for the latest item du jour for my wardrobe to planning my next big overseas adventure. Price doesn’t matter to me. If it’s something I want or it’s my favourite brand, I’m going to get it no matter what.

If something is new, I'm open to trying it

I like to eat out a lot. Local restaurants during the week and places further afield on the weekends, I’d describe my dining tastes as adventurous. If I see something new, I’m open to trying it.

I like to entertain at home

I don’t mind the odd spontaneous weekend away but I also like to entertain at home in a completely impromptu manner. My expensive tastes in home interiors, as guided by House and Garden magazine, need an audience too.

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