Embracing the inner crafty

Increase in the number of people who visited a store following the campaign
Shares, reactions and comments
Views of craft how-to videos

The Challenge

Spotlight’s craft month celebrates all things craft and encourages all ages and craft-skill levels to get involved in craft projects.

Spotlight looked to Are Media to increase the participation in its craft month as the brand sought to connect with women of all ages and craft skill levels – from novice to know-it-all.

The Customer

Are Media connects with 2.8 million women aged 25-to-64 every month. Readers turn to Are Media’s brands for practical advice and tips as well as to get new ideas.

Connection Insight

Regardless of skill level, the sense of pride accomplished by tackling craft projects is universal – but many women don’t know where to start. They need simple ideas to kick start a craft project.


The idea: The Make it Yourself Movement

The Make it Yourself movement motivated Are Media’s audience to embrace their inner crafty with a range of content appealing to different craft segments and life stages – from knitting and sewing projects through to home hacks and makeovers. Using Facebook Live, Are Media and Spotlight staged how-to’s in real time with key influencers.

How it looked

Are Media created customers for Spotlight through two Facebook Live events, medium-form videos and Instagram stop motion. Word of the movement spread through solus eDMs and newsletters as well as brand advertising in print.


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