Bonzai Desktop Truskin

TruSkin is a responsive full-skin unit featuring a large billboard, side skins and a footer. It is used by brands for large format story telling and enhanced interactivity and engagement.
Are Media’s content area is 1024px wide, ad content that appears within this content area will not appear on the creative.
A summary of the ad assets required can be found below.


Ad Type
Max File Size
File Format
1920 x 1200 pixels
Layered PSD, JPG, PNG
460 x 1200 pixels
Layered PSD, JPG, PNG
1024 x 250 pixels
Layered PSD, JPG, PNG
1024 x 100 pixels
Layered PSD, JPG, PNG
Default publisher content width
1024 pixels
Layered PSD, JPG, PNG

This ad unit can be built by Are Media’s Creative Studio team. A layered PSD file is desired however you can also supply JPG/PNG/GIF image assets, accompanied with detailed storyboard if animation is required, and click and impression trackers. Only 1x impression tracker per execution can be accepted.

Please note: Are Media cannot directly host the HTML5 creative, creative must be hosted by an approved 3rd party.


  • All creative is to include a valid clickthrough that opens in a new tab or window
  • Creative animation cannot run on a continuous loop; this duration cannot exceed 15 seconds.
  • No strobing effects or rapid animation permitted
  • Key messaging should be contained within the safe area.
  • Please refer to Are Media’s Ad Matrix to see where this ad unit can run.


  • Creative must be delivered at least 5 business days prior to campaign go live date.
  • 3rd party creative must be live when submitted to allow adequate testing.
  • Failure to provide creative within these turn-around times may delay campaign start times.
  • All rich media ads are required to be served via a third party. Are Media accepts most third party ad servers; please consult with your Are Media Campaign Manager for confirmation.
  • All rich media ads are subject to testing.

For more support, contact your Are Media representative.