"Inspiring Gourmet Explorers"

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When shopping for a credit card, today’s consumer turns to comparison websites however, these platforms only highlight the practicalities of credit card products.

American Express looked to Are Media for a solution that would instead demonstrate the unrivalled potential the American Express Explorer credit card offers.

The Customer

Neo-potentialists are a passionate and playful audience that live life for travel. Curious and more focused on experiences than acquiring material goods, neo-potentialists seek out brands that reflect their way of thinking, brands that offer products and services that are quicker, seamless, high-quality and can take them further.

Connection Insight

For people who live to travel, insider knowledge is gold. In fact, 58% of people in the travel consideration phase say that top 10 shortlists are the most appealing type of content when planning their next adventure.


Leveraging Gourmet Traveller’s editorial credibility, American Express was able to help neo-potentialists find their next adventure.

The idea: The Gourmet Explorer

The Gourmet Explorer is an interactive destination tool that determined a series of traveller archetypes in order to serve personal and unique travel content and itineraries.

The multi-platform campaign saw potential American Express customers navigate a personal travel journey based on their interests and passions with a series of highly engaging content pieces placing customers within the right frame of mind to better memory-encode the American Express point of difference.


How it looked

Inspirational travel content in the form of videos, articles and galleries led consumers through a carefully designed user journey to drive buy-in among neo-potentialists.


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