H&M Ladylike campaign

Inspiring young women’s “side hustle”

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The H&M “Ladylike” campaign for the brand’s autumn/winter collection challenged the stereotypes of femininity featuring entertaining, opinionated, off-beat, fearless, bad-ass, independent and free-willed women. Are Media needed to build discussion and currency around the Ladylike campaign.

The Customer

ELLE’s audience is smart, spirited, sophisticated and stylish – H&M’s Ladylike positioning appeals to them.

Connection Insight

She values freedom and has ambitions to be her own boss.  She wants the inside edge from someone who’s successfully built their “side-hustle”.


The idea: The ‘LadyLike Night’

An Elle Inspires event “LadyLike Night”- an event that celebrates women who embody this ethos across the different life interests of fashion, creative, sport and design.

Are Media gave the ELLE audience the opportunity to hear first-hand from ‘ladylike’ Australian women who have made their own success.  

The event was live-streamed on Facebook offering H&M and ELLE audiences the opportunity to join in on the conversation, virtually.

To maximise the event’s impact, Bauer Media created additional content featuring the Ladylike talent including an editorial piece, the smart woman’s guide to life.

How it looked

The event was hosted by ELLE Editor Justine Cullen with a panel of talented women, all dressed by H&M, including Margaret Zhang, Amanda Bisk, Katherine Sabbath and Lucy Feagins. The panel discussed what ‘ladylike’ meant to them within their respective fields of fashion, creative, sport and design.

Are Media leveraged the influence of the ELLE brand, harnessing all ELLE touch points: print, editorial, online, Facebook, Instagram, eDMs and Snapchat to promote the event and H&M.

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