Candy Crush

Uplift in participation
Target audience reached


The mobile game Candy Crush, is much loved – but some of its fans had become distracted by the next big thing and weren’t playing it as often. We needed to reignite their passion for the game and get them to start playing again.

The Customer

The audience (female Candy Crush players, aged 44+)  love our brands that entertain and offer them escapism, time out and fun: Woman’s Day, Take 5, TV Week, NW & OK! Mag.

Connection Insight

We needed to remind this audience about Candy Crush in moments when they would typically play the game – when they’re looking for some time out from the day-to-day.


We reminded our audience of their love of the game with high impact executions – in titles that our audience read for entertainment and escape.  We integrated the Candy Crush colours into puzzle sections as well as its characters into a ‘Spot the Difference’ game.



The activity reminded our audience that they enjoy playing Candy Crush and drove activation delivering a 25% uplift in our target audience playing the game.

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