Barbie - Mattel

The Australian Women’s Weekly teamed up with pastry chef Anna Polviou to create a fun cookbook for kids, aiming to inspire young girls that they can be ‘anything they want to be’.

Featuring recipes from the award winning pastry chef, the recipes were tested in the AWW Test Kitchen. Full of eye-catching sweet treats to healthy after school snacks, there was something for all budding chefs to try at home.

We created five recipes videos off the back of the Australian Women’s Weekly Barbie cook book. These videos were created to encourage children that they can do anything and to have fun and be creative in the kitchen – Anna was the star of the videos with her trusty ‘junior chef’ Lola, helping out and learning along the way.

Channels: housed the recipes and videos in Australian and NZ while Mattel also hosted them on their Youtube channel.