Story54 took the audience on a journey of relevance and revelation. Understanding that their consideration journeys will differ, yet still driving the same behavioural change to own your bones across 3 phase:

  1. The Big TakeOver –Making the problem mentally available
  2. The O(hh) Moments– Connecting through relevance and emotion
  3. Taking Ownership –Driving audiences to question what they know and to take action

Story54 focused on a video-led campaign featuring recognisable women, and educated women 55+ about the disease and the need for bone density scans. Powered by The Australian Women’s Weekly, our cross-platform campaign included a paper trick, supporting editorial content and a video starring Ita Buttrose and Jennifer Byrne– seeded out in a native article and social cut-downs. The content played a key role in a long-form visual story and Facebook Instant Experience (Facebook Canvas). It was supported by Nicole Byers (editor-in-chief) and team, who were keen to share their experiences and raise awareness.


Story54 took readers on a digitally immersive experience with AGMEN's long-form content series through a visual story.

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In addition to the digital content, a paper trick execution appeared in The Australian Women's Weekly magazine.