This Christmas insights report uncovers the mindset, processes and preferences of women in their Christmas preparation.

Are Media Insiders Community: Christmas Survey 2017, N= 472

When we shop for Christmas items

Gift Shopping tends to start from October through to November. Decorations are usually bought in November to December.
The likes of food and entertaining supplies are purchased in December to a couple of days ahead.

Most difficult things to plan or buy during Christmas

Sticking to an overall budget was ranked as the #1 most stressful thing during Christmas, and when it comes to gifting, buying for partners and parents is most difficult. For almost 1 in 4 women, actually cooking and preparing the food is also tough.

Entertaining at home

Women typically entertain 9 guests at home with an average of 5 hours, 45 minutes to pull together a Christmas meal. Most Women start preparing food either the day before or a couple of days ahead.

Inspiration for entertaining

Magazines & specifically food magazines were ranked the top two most useful sources for entertaining.

Modern meals vs traditional

Women typically like to have their standard dishes on the Christmas table with a couple of new dishes to complement their meal. And overall, she opts to make a blend of modern and traditional cuisines.

Meals consumed

Over half of Women have a formal lunch on Christmas Day, and 2 in 5 have drinks/nibbles.

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