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What we know to be so true today is when you change a woman’s life to give her more freedom, time, power, equality, you change the world. There is also a $15 trillion dollar economic upside to igniting women. In our Female Futures report in partnership with leading London based trend-forecasting agency, The Future Laboratory we explore what we can do as brands, leaders and people to be the change we all want to see and lead women into a new era.


In terms of power and status, women are increasingly man’s equal and yet when it comes to cold, hard economics it still feels like a man’s world.

It could take another 216 years – until 2234 – until the global pay gap between men and women is finally closed.

In 2017 the gender gap across health, education, politics and economics widened for the first time since records began in 2006.

There is a hunger for a new kind of system, an alternative way to do business, to talk about value and identity.


Fluid Mindsets: Traditional identifiers of race, age and gender are becoming meaningless in a world that is borderless, ageing, connected and nomadic.

The Emotional Economy: Female traits such as emotional intelligence, empathy, vulnerability and intuition will be the future drivers of business. By 2020, emotional intelligence will be the sixth most sought after skill, ahead of decision making and negotiation. <i>Source: World Economic Forum</i>

Redefined Womanhood: In order to speak the language of today’s digital-first females, brands are abandoning tired design cues and challenging gender norms.

New health metrics and digital access:

Digital is democratising health and women’s experience in the work sphere

  • Startups in femtech are starting to raise significant money (almost $1.4bn since 2014)
  • A pregnancy pause app – while a small thing in itself has redefined language around maternity leave in a business landscape and surfaced the uncomfortable “gap” in a parent’s CV
  • networking apps have given women an innovative, accessible alternative entry point into the traditional male dominated networking landscape

Work with us to inspire and influence real change

Are Media commits to writing 10 millions words to driving a female future by 2019

We present #BEFIERCE

There is a big disparity of women in entrepreneurial and STEM research.

The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs who are funded by venture capital firms in Silicon Valley are white men. Some 8% are female Sources: Crunchbase, CB Insights

We are creating a movement to inspire and empower women to embrace STEM education with #BeFierce
Be Fierce will leverage our united editorial voice to celebrate STEM careers, and motivate the women closest to our daughters and grand daughters to believe they are equally capable of succeeding in maths and science and be inspired to build a career from it.
Be Fierce will fund STEM university study for one Australian woman