We have uncovered the emotional signature of Gen Z - and you really need to see it.

Are Media took an innovative approach to understand Generation Z and their emotional signature, using a combination of qualitative research, semiotics and artificial intelligence. Through analysing large data sets of imagery we revealed what energises and connects with this generation and what they respond to. What do they think, feel and aspire to? What is the deep emotional connective tissue that unites them?

Gen Z are the most fluid generation we’ve seen, bypassing traditional lanes and keeping advertisers on their toes. If you’re trying to effectively reach them, connect with them and engage with them, OFFSCRIPT is the playbook that you need.

What do you really know about Gen Z?


Unlike neighbouring generations, Gen Z are more grounded and pragmatic in their approach to life. They are thoughtful about the way they live their life and the choices they make.  Amongst this generation of 14-24 year olds, community and enduring relationships are paramount. They celebrate the average over individualism and ambition at-any-cost.  While they have a hustler mindset and entrepreneurial appetite, they have modest financial dreams and grounded aspirations.

There are so many permissible identities and behaviours for Gen Z – with no clear “lanes”. They must negotiate their own transformation in unchartered territory. They are an unscripted generation.

Operating off-script

We uncovered four primary coping mechanisms for dealing with a life unscripted.

Artifice Rejectors

They are Artifice Rejectors, and drawn to authenticity – with the bar set high. Respect is given to those who demonstrate fearless vulnerability, self-sacrifice and being ordinary.

Establishing solid foundations

They are grounded in realism and a desire for stability - delaying fun stuff such as travel for the important groundwork of work, saving and study.

Escape through relief over rebellion

With so many permissible identities and behaviors in the world today, they don’t feel the pull to be genuinely subversive. Instead they channel their energies into momentary escapes from pressure and expectation.

Create, delete, repeat

Gen Z has so many moments for self-expression and creativity that it just part of their everyday life. They are also passionate about reinventing, reinterpreting and discovering new ideas.

What’s the script for Gen Z?

With this ground-breaking approach to understanding this rising generation, we uncovered the scripts which resonate with Gen Z – from people, tone, imagery and content. This research is essential for brands who want to understand the key signatures,  in order to genuinely connect with Gen Z.

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